Want to go on a journey with me to change the World?

ctw-rainbow-snow-diamondLast week I gave you a little taste of the concept of Selfish Altruism. Today, I’d like to expand on that thought, show you how it is really the power to expand the World – to improve the state and condition of all we know.


Let’s talk about this idea.


Remember, your healthy development starts with you.

It then encompasses you in your interpersonal relationships.

And, finally, it becomes you in your community and World.

Let’s take something as simple as respect.

The World could use a little more of that, wouldn’t you agree?

Okay. Let’s say every person as far as you can see or travel learns how to first respect themselves. They master the tools and the strategies that allow each individual to make the best, most self-respectful decisions, act in the most self-respectful ways, and find themselves in a grand place of healthy self-worth.

From there, the logical development is for each of those individuals to also master the skills and mindsets to truly respect others. Every decision, every behavior is now completely respectful of the individual and all the other people around any one individual. Everyone operates from an elegant place of healthy human respect.

Now each of these individuals, fully engaging with all the other individuals, also learns the skills and strategies to be respectful of their communities, the World they live in. The decisions are made from a perspective of what is communally respectful, what allows for the individuals within any full ecosystem to be the very best they can be. The result is an amazing place of respectful existence; maybe even Nirvana!

What do you think might happen?

Where might that actually begin? Today?

Oh, yeah.

It starts with me.

I invite it to also start with you.

Want to go with me on a journey to change the World?

Who’s in?

Comment below!

With Respect,

Leah Kyaio

#selfishaltruism #wecanchangetheworld #itstartswithme #withrespect

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